From color to black and white, to high-speed film to your finer grain slower speed film. Do you need film for those everyday type photos or film that can stand up to the demands of a fine portrait? No need to worry, Art’s Camera has the answer for you. Our supplies include Kodak Gold, Max, Plus-x, Tmax, Tri-x, and PCN, to Fuji’s Reala, NPH, and NPS. Several of these films are available in both 35mm and 120 formats. Slide film is available in Kodak’s Ecktachrome line as well as Fuji’s Provia and Sensia line.


Of course with all these choices in film, you’ll need a place to process the film as well. With next day services available, Art’s Camera is the choice for you. Dealing with Kodak Premium Processing you’re sure to receive the best image possible along with several other options. Would you like to see you photos on your home computer? Your photos, for a small charge at the time of development, may be put on CD or floppy disc. Also available is slide processing, photo enlargements, old 8mm home movies to VHS, video duplication, as well as copy negative work.


New and used cameras are what you expect to find at Art’s Camera. Our selections, range from the small point and shoot to the full size SLR’s. Weather its’ Canon’s Sure Shot 105 to their EOS Rebel Ti or Minolta’s AF Big Finder to the Stsi you are sure find what you want. Take a stroll through the store and you will find an assortment of flashes, skylight filters, lens caps, camera straps, camera bags, and tripods.


Even with the up most care of your favorite camera or accessory accidents do occur. Experienced with point and shot, SLR’s, medium format cameras our highly qualified technician will do his best to pro long the life of your camera and accessories. With free estimates backed by a three-month warranty for any serviced product, you can’t go wrong.


We welcome all students weather they are from the high school level or from college. Bring your supply list with you. We carry black and white film, negative sleeves, photo paper, thermometers, film cleaner, mount tissue, mount board, cotton gloves, spot tone, spotting brush, and much more. Of course knowing a students budget, a student discount is available on most materials.


Here at Art's Camera, your one stop imaging center, we can keep your camera in the best shape. Even with the best care of your favorite camera or accessory, accidents do occur. Experienced with point-and-shoot, SLR's, medium format, and digital cameras, our highly qualified technicians will do their best to prolong the life of your camera and accessories. With free estimates backed by a 90 day warranty on all repairs for any serviced item, you can't go wrong.

There is only one way to truly receive a sense of what we can provide to you our customers, come in and visit. Open six days a week, our knowledgeable staff is always happy to answer any question you might have.